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Quick Start

A collection of custom elements for implementing Prescrypto functionality on your site. Prescrypto Elements can be used with a <script> tag or with your bundler of choice (Vite, Webpack, Rollup, etc).


<!-- 1. Load PrescryptoElements into the global scope  -->
<script src="^1/dist/prescrypto-elements.umd.js"></script>

<!-- 2. Register a custom element. In this example, the Rx history widget "PrxPrescriptions" -->
<script type="text/javascript">
customElements.define("prx-prescriptions", PrescryptoElements.PrxPrescriptions);

<!-- 3. Add the custom element to your HTML with the required attributes -->
<prx-prescriptions token="my-prx-token"></prx-prescriptions>


  1. Install prescrypto-elements from NPM.

    # NPM
    npm install prescrypto-elements --save

    # Yarn
    yarn add prescrypto-elements
  2. Add a DOM element to contain PrxPrescriptions.

    <div id="prx-app"></div>
  3. Import, register and add the custom element.

    import { PrxPrescriptions } from "prescrypto-elements";

    // This must be run in the browser, as customElements is a method of window
    customElements.define("prx-prescriptions", PrxPrescriptions);

    // Crear instancia del custom element con el API de JavaScript
    // Create an instance of the custom element with the JavaScript class API
    const prx = new PrxPrescriptions({ token: "mi-token-prescrypto" });

    // Add the element to the DOM container