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API Error Codes Guide

This section outlines the general error codes you might encounter when interacting with our API. Each code is accompanied by a brief description to assist you in understanding the nature of the error. In cases where an error arises, our API responses will often include additional details to guide you towards resolving the issue.

Status codeReason phraseDescription
400Bad RequestThe request could not be understood or was missing required parameters.
401UnauthorizedAuthentication failed or the user doesn't have permissions for the requested operation.
403ForbiddenAuthentication succeeded, but the authenticated user doesn't have access to the requested resource.
404Not FoundThe requested resource could not be found.
405Method Not AllowedThe HTTP method used is not supported for this resource.
406Not AcceptableThe server can't produce a response matching the list of acceptable values defined in the request's headers.
409ConflictThe request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the target resource.
415Unsupported Media TypeThe media type of the provided data is not supported.
429Too Many RequestsToo many requests were made in a given amount of time. Rate limiting has been applied.
500Internal Server ErrorAn error occurred on the server.
502Bad GatewayThe server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from an inbound server it accessed.
503Service UnavailableThe server is currently unavailable (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance).
504Gateway TimeoutThe server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, did not receive a timely response from another server or some other source.