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This sections aims to provide updates about changes to the Prescrypto API, where they were and how the new change improve or add new features.


  • (12 Jun, 2022) Add hospital parameter to Deeplink in order to temporary set the hospital id of the Medic user.

  • (7 Apr, 2022) Removed unused parmateres mentions and references, cleaned some typos and compacted info from different pages into the same related ones.

  • (24 Jan, 2022) Add the param page to products docs, it explains how to navigate in products results

  • (4 Feb, 2022) Add the filter param created_filter for the endpoint "api/v2/medics/" It can be used to get the full list of created users, in order to see one medic details it has to be added to the url aswell.

  • (4 Feb, 2022) Remove token and password(encrypted) for the endpoint "api/v2/medics/" They only will be appear on created response. In order to increase security.

  • (18 Feb, 2022) Remove medications section, instead check our Products api docs.

  • (1 Mar, 2022) Add Patient landing page endpoint documentation, on the new section Prescription CTA endpoints.

Important note for integrators: After create a medic, don't forget to save the id, token fields given in the response.


  • The v1 endpoints are deprecated, so we encourage to all our users to update to v2