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With this type of integration the Medic user will access Prescrypto through a "Deeplink", an URL filled with special parameters that will log automatically the user on the platform and can pre-fill certain fields as the patient data or diagnosis.


This method consists of generating a link with params in order to send a medic from external services to the authenticated Prescrypto App with the prescription form auto-filled

The params specifications are below

token (required)Belongs to the medic who will be authenticated$token={{TOKEN}}
v2_redirect (required)This param will bring your medic to the version 2 of Prescrypto, the newest version at the moment, if you avoid this param the medic will be redirected to the version 1 who it will be deprecated soon.$v2_redirect=true
diagnosisThis is the text prescribed by the medic, if exists will be autofilled into the prescription form$dianosis=A pill once per week
extrasIt would be required if the integration sends patient info to autocomplete our prescription form. this field is compound by four params as following: patient_email, patient_dob, patient_name, external_patient_file&external_patient_file=0011R & &patient_name=Miguel &patient_dob=71
hospitalThis parameter will temporary set the hospital ID. The Medic has to have a hospital_membership to the hospital. Once the user leaves the page or closes the session, the hospital_id will revert to the previous one$hospital=71
additional_dataThis field is compound by any param your integrations would need, so you can allocate some extra data here and they will be saved in our Prescription ModelSome examples: $external_folio=1234 $external_medic_id=1234 $another_extra_field=Just like this

There is an example below with deeplink for autologin and autofill prescription:
?external_patient_file=< EXTERNAL-ID>
&patient_email=< EMAIL>
&patient_name=< NAME>
&patient_dob=< AGE(INT)>
&token=< TOKEN>
&diagnosis=< DIAGNOSIS>
&hospital=< Hospital_ID(INT)>

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the param values have to be URI ENCODED, otherwise, the link could not work as expected